How To Live Comfortably In Chiang Mai For Under 500$ Per Month

If you’re fed up with waiting for your freelance career/business to take off so you can afford to quit your dayjob, moving to a cheaper country can be like a cheatcode that cuts that wait in half. One of the most popular places to leave the 9/5 behind in an economical way is Chiang Mai. And for good reason.

I’ve only been here for a few weeks, and it’s already starting to feel like home. The food, culture and atmosphere, city size(not too big not too small), the moat(in all it’s dirty glory), and the contrast between hyper-developed and not-quite-so-developed. Those are just some of the things that make me like this city. There are more good things and some bad ones that I will come back to later in a different post.


Option #1: Find A Cheap Studio Apartment

If you’re not quite sure about this whole “location independence” thing, a furnished studio apartment is your best bet. There are plenty of affordable ones available for short term rent. page lists a lot of your options in a pretty comprehensive manner. Easily the best resource on the internet for short term rentals in Chiang Mai(that I’m aware of). Try to remain within the 110-170$ range if possible.  (3500 – 5500 THB) Continue reading