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Hello there, I am your new favorite writer and digital marketer; Ragnar Terjeson Miljeteig. Don’t worry about pronouncing my name, I sometimes struggle with it as well, haha.

But before I explain why I’m your favorite, let’s get into why you need a good one.

To successfully do business online, you need content. But not just any content. You need good content. I wish this was universally accepted as a fact, but some people think content ideas they randomly come up with, and 10$ articles courtesy of India/The Philippines is how you succeed online..

Sure you can scrape together a few pennies to rub together with average content and affiliate links. But if you want content that spreads your message, that builds a following, that gets you ranked in search engines, that continually drives customers to you, average doesn’t cut it.

It takes damn good content. Great content.

But good content is not just about grammar. If it was that simple, content creation and copywriting would not be a viable career. There are literally thousands of writers that can provide you with a copyscape passed, unique, grammatically okay article that will do absolutely nothing for you and your business. Not to mention, you could probably throw together an equal or better article yourself in 20 minutes.

 Writing engaging material that builds trust, content that inspires natural sharing, content that creates sales or subscriptions.

The key to this lies of course in proper research, something I’m sad to say many writers overlook, but most of all, it is about understanding the audience, and how to best appeal to them. And to do that you have to care.  You have to care about your clients, their audience, and work towards writing something that benefits both parties. Not just another desperado scraping pennies, or dreamer wanting to travel the world without a steady job.

That’s where I come in.I happen to be a freelance writer that actually gives a damn about providing a top notch service. One that prioritizes the client and the audience over just “getting paid”. I have a true love for learning and helping other people. So not only do I welcome hefty research, I prioritize doing it 100% properly so that I can help both your audience, and you.

Why I’m Your Favorite?

  • I take the time to really read your blog/website. To get a true feel for what resonates with your audience, and what format and style of writing is best received. 
  • I write in a concise, friendly manner that appeals to just about anyone. I also have a capacity for combining in-depth research with with the blogging format.
  • I have a track record of writing posts that experience high social sharing. Examples: 1, 2, 3
  • I take customer satisfaction very seriously. I have an unlimited free revisions policy, and I understand the pitfalls and repercussions of bad customer service. Plus I just earnestly like helping my fellow human beings.
  • I am trilingual. I speak, read and write English, Norwegian and Japanese. This means I can do in depth research on subjects, and add a unique angle with sources not found in English.
  • You get to have a writer called Ragnar contributing to your site, or on your team. Whether you’re a Vikings fan or not, this is undoubtedly an invaluable asset to any and all websites and companies. Did I mention I have a sense of humor?

Examples Of My Writing

My full portfolio.

Rates: Decided on a project to project basis. Determined by the amount of research required and what type of writing is needed. You can send me an email to


Email: ragnartmiljeteig at

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