Becoming Better At Being Your Own Boss

becoming better at being your own boss
One of the most challenging aspects of freelancing, or starting a business venture on your own, is that you have to effectively fill two roles, the role of a boss, and the role of a worker.

If you’ve ever tried going out on your own, you know that it can be hard to strike a good balance between the two.

It can be particularly easy to be stuck in the “creative boss” mode, the “visionary” mode, if you will. Idea evaluation time will leak over into your worker time, and all of a sudden no work is getting done at all. Then when you finally get to working, it can be easy to tunnel-vision and end up going too far down a path that is doomed to fail.

Successfully navigating this tightrope-walk can tremendously increase your productivity.

Here are some of my own, and some borrowed, ideas on how you can become better at being your own boss:

Delegate Effectively To Your Worker Self

As simultaneously the boss and the worker, you have to find a way to delegate work to yourself in a way that it gets done effectively.

One way to do this, is monitoring how energetic you feel throughout the day for a week(or longer), and delegate the most draining work to the periods where you have the most energy. Another option is to experiment with the schedule itself.

I found that even though I’m not a morning person by any means, starting with focused work relatively early in the morning motivates me to put in a significantly larger amount of work than if I start later in the day. (Although the feeling of a head-start of waking up early can help, it’s really been about working about an hour after I wake up.) Continue reading

Three Simple Things That Help Me Write More

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.” – Stephen King

It’s kind of funny how training is expected in sports, and technical professions, but with writing and creative endeavors people seem to think there is almost no barrier to becoming good. At least one you can’t overcome with tricks or “techniques”.

There’s no real substitute for practice.

But sometimes writing a lot can be hard. Very hard. Sure, it might not be that physically demanding, but there’s something about a blank screen, or page, that’s downright intimidating at times. (Also, mental energy is very real, and it’s easy to spend most of it before you even get started on the writing itself.)

A few months ago, I would frequently blame “writer’s block” and throw in the towel, excusing myself from meeting my daily word goals. These days, it’s becoming a rarer and rarer occurrence. And though I’m far from the most prolific writer out there, I learned a thing or two along the way.

In particular, there are three simple things I do that help me put words down on a screen every day.

Writing Down At Least 3 Ideas (For Articles/Blog Posts) Every Day

One of the most recurring, and painful, barriers between me and writing, has been the simple of excuse of “I don’t have anything to write about.” This can come up an awful lot when you’re gunning for daily writing goals of 1000 words and upwards!

But if you practice thinking of more than one idea every single day, not only are you unlikely to run out of writing ideas when you sit down to write, you actually get better at thinking of ideas over time. Continue reading