Better Challenges

This page is reserved for any short or long term experiments/challenges that I do in an effort to better myself, hence the better, in the page title.

I’m currently in the middle of a 30-Day no TV challenge.

The 30-Day No TV Challenge

Why am I doing this challenge? The main reason is that while it might entertain me, it is a shallow entertainment that doesn’t really satisfy. There’s this kind of disappointment, after many finished sessions, that I just wasted valuable time for no reason. Also important, is that investing a lot of time in TV-shows and the like, usually has very little spillover into my creative output in terms of ‘inspiration’, or helping me make connections, or discover something useful.

This will be the first stage in what I will make a transformative 2015.

Day 1:

Successful. Not too difficult. Not really any lessons learned, except how much easier it is to stay on top of ‘smaller’ things and people when there’s not a strong urge to indulge in something very compelling. Part of the reason might be because I’m not reading/listening to enthralling fantasy, but rather works about philosophy and the lengthy Infinite Jest.

Day 2:

There’s a certain discomfort in having this extra free time, and not something as compelling to turn to for instant ‘entertained bliss’, as has been the case in the past, with video games/TV shows. I’m spending more time thinking, mulling over issues, personal and global, perhaps mostly the latter. Not sure if this is good or bad right now, although it might turn out to be a little bit of both. There’s still a similar barrier to doing work that I don’t like, regardless of there not being an as comforting alternative.

I felt more relaxed and less rushed when I walked to the market today. Usually when I have something especially compelling that I’m watching or playing, every insignificant duty or habit becomes somehow rushed, because it in no way is a priority. I already seem a little bit better able to enjoy the moment, at least when the moment is obviously a good one at the surface. (I more or less started the experiment last weekend, but didn’t realize at the time, or put all the pieces in place before now so it was more of a if I can stay away from it, that would be good sort of deal.)

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