A Life of Tangible Freedom: What Does It Take?

I have been thinking a lot lately, well I have always been thinking a lot, but I feel like I have been thinking clearer lately. Like I am slowly able to break free from a flawed perspective, slowly changing my stubborn outlook on life. And I’ve realized that the only thing I really want, is a life of freedom.

By that, I don’t mean just staying out of prison for the rest of my life, there’s more to it. Being free from mental problems and issues, like self loathing and depression. Being free to do the things I truly I want to, without letting mentality or physical ability or financials stand in the way. The way I see it, a life of freedom, tangible freedom, is built upon a few key elements.

Mental Fortitude
Training myself to be stronger by continuously stepping out of my comfort zone, and challenging my fears.

Clear Perspective
Clear sight of what it is you want, and what makes you happy in life.

Preserving Health
Eating relatively healthy, and making sure to exercise.

Freedom From Past Traumas
Being able to let go of past mistakes instead of mulling over them, and letting them get in the way of enjoying your present.

Financial Freedom
To me, being financially free is not about being able to buy 3 helicopters, 5 villas, and an aircraft carrier. It’s about being able to do something you at least marginally like, and not being forced into overtime, working weekends or even two jobs. It’s about having the ability to go out once in a while, and travel once or twice a year… even if that means being frugal most of the time.

Supportive Environment
Not being undermined by either malicious friends, or friends who think they know what’s best for you, and try to force their perspective on you, even when you just peacefully disagree.

Creative Outlets
I don’t think it matters whether you draw pictures of shells in the sand with a stick, if you write 3000 page long zombie apocalypse novels, or you scribble in a blog or journal. I think everyone has a need to create something, something precious, something uniquely theirs.

What do you think are the most important elements to living a life without boundaries? And what do you want out of your life?

I’m trying to find that balance between focusing on end goal and journey. Because the end goal doesn’t mean too much if you spent most of your life getting there, and didn’t enjoy it. But if you have no goal, it can be hard to enjoy the journey.

P.S. Welcome to my new blog. An especially warm welcome to everyone who is familiar with my old blog.

Picture by: Florin Dudesou

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  1. Randy October 24, 2013 / 12:08 am

    Hi Ragnar…did nobody comment on this article? Surprises me a bit cause I have to say it’s one of my favorites so far.

    Simply stated and to the point but seems to be close to your heart, am I right?

    “Letting go of past mistakes instead of mulling over them”…TOUGH ONE!

    Financial freedom paragraph…”ditto”.

    “Malicious friends who undermine you”…cut them out of your life…supportive environments are hard enough to muster up without them.

    Great points on the end goal and journey…I’m emailing you a favorite article of mine on just that subject.

    Great article my friend…keep it up!


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